Our Company


Our Company

Founded in 2008 by the Director Mr Richard Bou Jaoude, Downtown Diamonds is a South African based company operating out of three locations: Johannesburg, Kimberley and Botswana. Opening soon in all of Africa.

To us, diamonds are a passion, and we search all over the world for the premium stones available. We understand the specific desires of our local and international clientele and strive to exceed their expectations of our products and services. We value relationships and work hard to establish and maintain sound working partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Downtown Diamonds proudly provides a wide selection of high quality diamonds and offers the finest services to guarantee customer satisfaction.

The Dream that became Reality

My passion for diamonds began in my childhood. A family member, who traded in diamonds, would regale us with stories of his travels and it was in one of his books that my love story with Africa was born.
I decided that someday I would visit Africa. A few years later, I did indeed visit South Africa and the "Big Hole" in Kimberley. It was then that I knew for certain that my future would be in the diamond industry.

My passion was put to hard work which has taken me on the exciting journey that has seen me experience different mining techniques change and evolve into what they are today.
This is the foundation that Downtown Diamonds is based on, and which keeps us growing from strength to strength.

Take the Journey here with us

Kimberley... Where it all began
Old Division of the Kimberley Mine layout
Aerial ropeways attached to the claims below
Diamond miners trying to find the "big one"
Alluvial Miner with a 20 carat discovery
Old Kimberley mining town.
The dream lived and realised.

Building Long Term Relationships

Building relationships with our clients and suppliers is a key fundamental of Downtown diamonds.
We strive to achieve win-win scenarios so all parties benefit in the value of a transaction.

Partnering with the best Mining operators
Old method of Grease Table sorting
Teaming up with Diamond Diggers
Successful Mining operation
Building Long term relationships
Local Tendering Process, giving you the highest quality
International Tendering Process for the the rarest stones